WEA conference Economics in Society: The Ethical Dimension has begun

Published on Real-World Economics Review Blog, by Edward Fullbrook, March 5, 2012.

The World Economics Association WEA’s first online conference Economics in Society: The Ethical Dimension begins today /(on March 5). The first batch of papers has been posted, and discussion on them is now open.  The conference will run for one month, with its 24 papers being released in groups over the first week.  

If you go to the conference site and register by leaving your email address, you will be notified each time a new group of papers is posted and opened for discussion.  Similarly, you may sign up to be notified each time a new comment appears on a particular paper or group of papers.  And of course you are encouraged to participate in what is an important and long overdue public discussion.

The conference organizers Peter Radford, Alan Freeman and Grazia Iletto-Gillies have assembled the papers from contributors from around the globe.  The conference is designed to encourage economists to reconnect with the ever-present ethical dimensions of economics ignored and forgotten until today by the economics establishment.  Among other issues, the conference will address the ethical questions concerning the causal role played by the economics profession in the Financial Crisis and ethical dimensions regarding North-South economic relations.

The group of papers posted today is as follows: … (full text).

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