“Islam-as I say-tion”

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Published on DISQUIET, by Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, April 5, 2007.

I have been struggling to give expression to the anxiety I have been experiencing at the way in which Islam is being articulated and implemented in this country. It is a process which stands out more for its emphasis on form over substance, its rigidity and repressiveness, rather than its emphasis on values and truths …

… There are laws in this country, though, that prohibit me from trying to live the Islam that I have come to understand, if my understanding does not conform with the decrees issued by councils of men, known as the ‘Fatwa Committee’ or ‘Fatwa Council’. These laws, and these councils of men, are part of a process that has gradually begun to impact on the lives of all Malaysians. Those steering this process would have us believe that the ‘Islamisation’ of Malaysia is their goal.

In a Malaysiakini report dated 24th July, 2006 entitled ‘10,000 Muslims attend forum centred on apostasy’, Azmi Abdul Hamid of Teras is reported to have said:

“We have every right to seek the continuation of this process of Islamisation”.

Azmi’s quoted statement, for me, raises the following questions:

1.what does Azmi mean by this ‘process of Islamisation’?

2.Azmi speaks of the continuation of this process. When did it start?

3.Who are the ‘we’ that Azmi speaks of?;

I have grave reservations about this ‘process of Islamisation’ that Azmi speaks of. I am very concerned about this ‘Islamisation’ that we see unfolding in our country … ” (more).

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