The Agrofuels Trap

Published on FPIF Foreign Policy In Focus, by Laura Carlsen, September 10, 2007.

Agrofuel development has arrived on the global stage. Just this year, the number of declarations, dollars, and development plans that have gone to agrofuels are unparalleled in any other sector. An idea that languished for decades has suddenly become the darling of politicians, big business, international financiers and the media.

This fact alone should make us worry. Since when has an ecological response to fossil-fuel use found favor with governments and corporations alike? Agrofuels have been touted as the solution to the most pressing problems facing U.S. society and the planet: promoters claim they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stave off the end of industrial growth based on fossil fuels, are sustainable and renewable, increase energy security, and help farmers.

But a closer look reveals that the rosy future envisioned by agrofuels promoters in many ways looks like the worst of the past.

What are Agrofuels? … (full long text ).

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