War is no remedy to solve the economic crisis

Published on Current Concens, by Erika Vögeli, March 5, 2012.

The increasingly louder war drumming by the current media reporting on the Near East is becoming unbearable. And although we have received bitter lessons concerning hasty partisanship over the last ten or twenty years – think of the Iraq war in 1991, of Yugoslavia, of the war in Afghanistan, the second Iraq war in 2003 and most recently in Libya: Always there had been the pretext of a bloated P.R. concern – and each time we had to learn that there had been lying, cheating, deceiving, and faking in advance.  

Each time it was the civilian population that paid the highest price, always it turned out that the “sublime” goals had really served as a make-believe for the tough power interests. And today? Do we really believe that all those states that openly pursue their goal of world leadership, that make no secret of their claims to power, that do not intend to pay for their gigantic debts and economic decline, but once more intend to let others pay for it, states that pursue these goals by means of aircraft carriers, submarines, 700 military bases all over the globe – do we really believe that all of a sudden they have only “help” for the “opposition” in mind – an opposition financed, armed and instructed by them – in Syria? … //

… In this regard as well, our broadcasters under public law have to be reminded of their duty. It can not be that for months they have been pleading the case for the war alliance, and let nobody else have their say – and then, all of a sudden, come up with reports that cast a different light on the matter, which, as can be read in the reports, have been known for months! News channels of a national radio station with a binding state mandate as SRG SSR are, must exercise due care. True democracy does not need bombs and missiles, it needs objective, honest reporting that is committed to the effort to find the truth.

If the National Broadcasting Company does not exercise its constitutional and statutory mandate in this regard, but tries to bind the whole country to the interests of other powers, it is the responsibility of the authorized federal agencies – the Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications UVEK and thus Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard – to commit the Director-General of the SRG SSR, who is responsible for the whole program, Roger de Weck, to the Constitution and law and our national interests.

(Swiss) Federal constitution: Article 93 Radio and television: … (full text).

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