Afghan Air Force said to be the greatest smuggling operator for drugs, weapons and money

Published on Current Concerns, Source: Vertraulicher Schweizer Brief (translation by Current Concerns), April 2, 2012.

A huge scandal is looming in Afhanistan: The Afghan Air Force (AAF) is supposed to be the greatest smuggling operator for drugs, weapons and money. The AAF, officially sponsored by NATO, is financed by the Americans. Currently it owns 86 aircrafts, among them 16 C-27 cargo aircrafts, 42 Russian Mi-17 transport helicopters and 11 Russian Mi-25 helicopter gunships.   

There is an obligation (!) for the Western states to expand the fleet to 145 aircrafts till 2016! The Americans provide the total fuel and carry out maintenance and repair work. Moreover, they train the Afghan pilots and are responsible for their coaching … //

… Afghanistan is – according to American estimates – responsible for 90 percent (!) of the opium distributed worldwide. When transports of opium went to the frontiers a blind eye was often and regularly turned on rebel leaders from various provinces – as an award for their cooperation in combating the Taliban. But it seems that eventually the Afghan Air Force became a mafia-like transport organization. Ever more frequently helicopters “disappeared for hours” without any flight plan. American requests were blocked, parts of the Kabul airport were shielded by Afghan soldiers. The Americans are convinced that the greater part of the Afghan stock of opium and heroin is daily trafficked that way beyond control (at night). And weapons are imported regularly on the way back to the frontiers and end up with the tribal leaders or the Taliban. “And we pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the Afghan Air Force’s operation each year. What a mockery!,” an American senior official complains. (full text).

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