World Social Forum in Bamako, Mali

The World Social Forum of Bamako is planed as a space to make credible alternatives for “Another Possible World”. It is of paramount importance to People in Africa who are victimized of the neo liberal system which is itself synonymous to violence, suffering, and poverty and exclusion to over one third of the global population.

This meeting will thus offer to progressive forces in Africa a very first opportunity, following to the huge range of popular resistances during the nineties, to significantly set their fights and their alternatives in a global seeking of the construction of a fair world with more solidarity and respectful of People’s sovereignty.

The forum of Bamako takes roots both in the rich Malian and African cultural soil which makes Mali’s cultural patrimony. This meeting will thus offer the opportunity to visitors to find out Mali’s past and present symbolic places such as Djénné, the fascinating city, the mystic dogon country, and Tombouctou the mysterious .

This is the first World Social Forum to be held in Africa. Themes of the Bamako WSF include: Militarisation and War, Outcomes of the Hong Kong WTO meeting, UN reform, Migration, and many more. (See

More than 300 Malian Organisations particpate to the preparatory activities of PWSF Bamko 2006. See the non exhaustive list here.

Activist Vitalis Meja says: The focus of the conference will be to criticise the neoliberal agenda. Darfur, a region in western Sudan, has become the site of one of the world’s worst humanitarian situations since conflict erupted there between two rebel movements and the government. Africa shoulders the burden of 80 percent of all global HIV/AIDS cases, according to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. “The (neoliberal) agenda is not doing enough to alleviate poverty: all the wealth goes to the rich nations, impoverishing Africa. As a result, sub-Saharan Africa is not performing very well in social indicators, education, food security and health,” Meja noted. “Africa’s economic growth rate is 4.6 percent, but on the ground poverty remains rampant…By September 2005, we had about 60 percent of people in sub-Saharan Africa living under the poverty line,” he added. (Rest see IPS).

Telephone number: 00 223 901 75 53.
Address: Hamadallaye ACI 2000 Rue 430 – Porte 89, em Bamako – Mali.

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