Elections in France and Greece

Watch this video: Socialist Hollande wins French presidency, 3.05 min, published on The Real News Network TRNN, May 7, 2012 (first on Al-Jazeera (with an article) – see it also on YouTube): Swept along by groundswell of anger against incumbent Sarkozy, Hollande becomes first Socialist president in 17 years …   


François Hollande on en.wikipedia;

France’s foreign policy after Sarkozy, on Voltairenet.org, by Issa el Ayoubi, May 4, 2012: During Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year tenure, France has lost the prestige she enjoyed in Africa and the Middle East. That is why all those who love that country are wondering whether the change heralded by François Hollande will also apply to foreign policy? In the editorial reproduced below, the Syrian daily Al-Watan takes a positive view. The socialist leader judges the states in the region just as harshly as his predecessor but, true to his principles, he should put an end to the unholy Alliance between the “country of human rights” and the religious dictatorships of the Gulf …

Präsidentschaftswahlen: Die Bedeutung Nicolas Sarkozys für die USA, im KOPP-Verlag, von Webster G. Tarpley, 4. Mai 2012; dazu das Video auf YouTube, 10.22 min;


Greek pro-bailout parties fail to win majority, on The Asahi Shimbun, May 07, 2012: … Both Greek conservative leader Antonis Samaras and Socialist chief Evangelos Venizelos, whose parties recorded heavy losses as Greeks angry with austerity fled to smaller parties, said earlier they would seek a coalition government. Together, they took about 32 percent of the vote, winning 150 out of 300 parliament seats;

Pro-bailout parties weakened in Greece vote, May 7, 2012: Governing parties suffer major losses in parliamentary vote as anti-austerity parties, including far right, prosper;

Greece at the global forefront, on Al Jazeera, by Stathis Gourgouris, May 3, 2012: The elections in Greece are a dramatic articulation of the essential contradiction between democracy and capitalism.

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