Is the German political class reaching out to seize the power in Europe again despite the European peoples’ suffering?

Published on Current Concerns, by Karl Müller, April 30, 2012.

While social problems are becoming apparent ever more openly and blatantly in European countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, or France and humaneness in business and politics would be the order of the day, the German political class as well as big business focus on accelerated growth and market conquest, instead. The social ethos of a social market economy, as it was put into words, for example, by Wilhelm Röpke during the Second World War in exile in Switzerland, the ethos of humanity, respect and moderation in economic life has got lost in many economic and political leaders in Germany. The wind of megalomania, social Darwinism, neo-liberalism is blowing. Their spokesmen on the political front are Angela Merkel and Joachim Gauck, the party leaders of the Greens, and Winfried Kretschmann.

Joachim Gauck, the newly elected Federal President, had already praised the 68’s movement in his inaugural speech. He courted those circles who wanted to break with the achievements of culture and civilization. Gauck is an important bridge between the neo-green nihilism on the one hand and neo-liberal, neo-conservative policy that pits on war, on the other … //

… In the parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Gauck said, “You in Baden-Wuerttemberg face the global competition without fear.” And he added, “Baden-Wuerttemberg is a European, a Europhile, a cosmopolitan region, with close relations to its neighbors France, Switzerland and Austria.” Did Gauck mean that the red-green government in Baden-Wuerttemberg is planning to disrespect national borders and the sovereignty of neighboring nations? Did Gauck refer to the green Minister President Kretschmann’s plans to unhinge the sovereignty of neighboring nations with his regionalization concepts?

In the past Gauck repeatedly stressed his intention to venture for “more Europe”. Does he mean to venture for more EU under German leadership? He must sell the German plans as European plans. He advocated a solely “European” foreign policy on the occasion of his visit to Brussels. “Germans destined to be the savior of the world!” – This would be too crude for our days!

But together with Winfried Kretschmann they might be able to manage: Kretschmann is all for “more Europe” as well. Shortly after he took office in Baden-Wuerttemberg, he proposed to put up Joseph Fischer of the Greens as candidate for chancellor. He is the one who has been venturing for “more Europe” for more than 10 years together with Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Kretschmann had already been head of Fischer’s policy department when the latter was minister for the Environment in Hessen. Just like Fischer in 1999, the Greens are again the frontrunners of German war propaganda today.

A central means of de-solidarization of the peoples of Europe are EFSF, ESM and further planned provisions like the so-called Fiscal Pact. They frankly claim that German citizens for example will have to be liable for the debts of Greek, Italian or Spanish citizens. This is unacceptable. Of course the citizens of these countries will never again see a single penny of those trillions. The money is exclusively given to financial institutions and is intended only for them. It has not yet been revealed where the money went to that the governments had previously borrowed from financial institutions. Mikis Theodorakis gave a few hints (see Current Concerns, No. 16). The people, at least – and this is a course mainly pursued by the German side – are being pushed into poverty.

Joachim Gauck is an advocate of EFSF, ESM and Fiscal Pact. In Brussels, he went as far as to arrogantly remark that complaints against the proposed ESM and the Fiscal Pact had no prospect of success before the German Federal Constitutional Court.

Fritz Fischer’s book “Germany’s aims in the First World War: Seizing world power” was vividly discussed about 50 years ago. Today, hardly anybody talks about it. Prior to Second World War, the German Empire had fully set on expansion. It aimed to be at the top in the competition of the imperialist powers. The result were 10 million deaths. Social Darwinism was the dominant ideology. Can it be true that those responsible in Germany again refuse to learn from history? (full text).


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