Secrets of money, interest and inflation

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Published on GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin, by Rudo de Ruijter, 08 octobre 2007.

Money plays a big role in our life. In society too, nearly everything is determined by money. It is strange, that only few people know the juggling tricks, by which money originates and disappears again. Most people see, that money becomes worth less all the time, but they don’t know, that this is caused, in the first place, by the money system itself. Also the eternal chase for economic growth and the always increasing working pressure in industrialized countries, are caused by the money system. Money can also serve for oppression, for instance of the Third World countries, or be the motive for wars, like the one against Iraq. Would you like to take a small tour behind the scene? Welcome to the circus of the money-jugglers!

1. Making money

2. Permanent inflation

3. Central banks need inflation

4. Caprices of the money stock

5. The war against Iraq

6. Oppression of the Third World

7. China’s weapon

8. Inflation and economic growth

9. Further growth or a sustainable society?

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