Cheney’s Law

Received by mail:

From: WorldCitizen, (John)
Date: 17/10/2007

(WorldCitizen is an actively discussing Yahoo Group).

Videos that could break the back of tyranny in America: The Power Behind the Power revealed – PBS.ORG gives us the inside info on “Cheney’s Law”. The face of tyranny is ugly, even with a bit of make up.

These several videos make up the full program. Watch them before they are removed. Try to find a way to down load them. Oct. 16, 2007:

Best you go directly to this page of PBS.ORG, and begin to listen to the first one, or you click on this link

Click on video 1, when finished, click on ‘next’, etc. until to sixth /Epilogue.

Cheney’s Law:

Video 1: The Way it would be, 8.38.;

Video 2: The Office of Legal Cousel OLC, 8.31 min;.

Video 3:End-Running the Process, 5.20 min.;

Video 4: The Education of Jack Goldsmith, 5.56 min.;

Video 5: Goldsmith Says ‘NO’, 9.48 min.;

Video 6: Battle of the Lawyers, 8.51 min.;

and: Epilogue. 9.13 min. !

The link can be found also on this yahoo group: Freedom Of Speech Now, or

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” (George Orwell).

The link ‘When will we have enough?’, or
seems not to work.

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