The Map of the International Investments Changes

Published on, 23 October 2007.

“The International Investment Map has changed due to the international economic developments, the most important of which is oil prices”. This is what Mr. Hamad al-Qadi, the international expert in the field of the agreements of the international investment for trade and development in UNCTAD. According to al-Qadi, the increase of oil prices has pushed towards investment in oil industries on the account of investing in other sectors …

  • “Al-Ola’a” Company is Being Granted the License for Financial Investments in Syria;
  • Syria Express Its Readiness to Open a Trade Consulate for the Turkish Cypriots;
  • The Increase of “Tamweel” Company’s Profits by 244 million Dirhams;
  • Emirat’s Revenues of Non-Oil Products Double;
  • The Construction of the First Factory for Producing Biological Fuel in Russia;
  • The Egyptian “Orascom” for Construction Builds the First Station of Solar System in Egypt;
  • Syria Opens a Trade Consulate for the Turkish Cypriots.

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