Early Graphic Expressions

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Subject Matter: How do graphic expressions originate? What attributes, structural formations and developmental tendencies are observable in early graphic expressions? Is that which emerges a product or a process? Are its attributes universal or are they always bound to the specific cultural context from which they arise? Wherein lie early pictorial awareness and aesthetics? What general aspects of early human symbolic behavior do early graphic expressions convey?

Early Graphic Expressions – An Empirical Reference for Europe:
Wherein lie early pictorial awareness and aesthetics? Since 1999, we have devoted our research at the HGKZ* to this area of inquiry. The realization that reliable and broadly accepted empirical knowledge on the origins of graphic expression has yet to be gained is a motivating factor as well as a source for our studies; As a first result, we publish en empirical reference of early graphic expressions produced by European children. The publication consists of a picture archive (c. 25′000 pictures, c. 200 children, age c. 1 to 6) and a tutorial. The archive and the tutorial is accessible over the Internet (open in September 2007; read only) and will be available as book and DVDRom in 2008 (read and write, including interactive instruments).

Re-Edition ‘Rhoda Kellogg Child Art Collection’: Re-Edition of the historical archive?«The Rhoda Kellogg Child Art Collection» in a digital version (open in September 2007). Research, Development, Lectures, Seminaries (Zurich University of the Arts): Main page of the research on early graphic expressions and the related lectures and seminaries at the Zurich University of the Arts.


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Claudia Riboni, lic. phil. I
Zurich University of the Arts, Institute for Art Education IAE
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Growing Artists, Teaching Art to Young Children;

Book: Analyzing Children’s Art, by Rhoda Kellogg;

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste;

This Project runs under the Patronage of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO;

The psychology of children’s art, by Rhoda Kellogg, Scott O’Dell;

Acoustics of the Vowel.

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