Somaliland Moves to Close its Borders and is Caught in a Web of Conflict

Published on PINR, by Michael A. Weinstein, 31 October 2007.

Excerpt: … Somaliland is not about to lose its independence to a unified Somalia that remains a dream, nor is Ethiopia likely to abandon it entirely. Indeed, some local analysts believe that with Gedi gone, Addis Ababa will try to distance itself from Yusuf by making an alliance with Hawiye factions — as it has done in the past — and move closer to Hargeisa as a consequence. PINR judges that such a shift is less likely than continued support for Yusuf.

The change that has occurred through Somaliland’s capture of Los Anod is that it has been drawn into Somalia’s fragmented conflicts and is now vulnerable to suffering internal destabilization if its policies fail. Those policies are thoroughly intelligible in light of Hargeisa’s perceived interests and its isolation — just as are Eritrea’s and Israel’s — but they are fraught with danger. It remains to be seen whether Somalilanders have the resilience necessary to overcome the stresses of embattled isolation. (full long text).

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