Index July 2012

2012-07-01: $4 trillion conflict of interest: Investment bankers on Fed boards;
2012-07-02: China hires tens of thousands of North Korea guest workers;
2012-07-03: Financial Coup D’Etat in Europe: Government by the Banks, for the Banks;
2012-07-04: Germany is not New York;
2012-07-05: As Barclays CEO resigns: Libor manipulation scandal engulfs 16 top banks;
2012-07-06: Work force programs, key to economic stability;
2012-07-07: Canyons and rivers in Switzerland;
2012-07-08: Theory Talk #49, with John Mearsheimer;
2012-07-09: Third way takes the stage;
2012-07-10: The LIBOR affair: Banksters;
2012-07-11: Beyond Nuclear Denial;
2012-07-12: What About the Men? Why Our Gender System Sucks for Men, Too;
2012-07-13: Facing the tipping point of American civilization;
2012-07-14: Finding the Anti-World: The Next Holy Grail for Physics – Part 1;
2012-07-15: The Increasing Power Of Neoliberalism Globally;
2012-07-16: International Survey: Crisis Batters Global Faith in Capitalism;
2012-07-18: JPMorgan scandal: the tip of the iceberg;
2012-07-19: Do Business Schools Incubate Criminals?
2012-07-20: Inequality and American exceptionalism;
2012-07-21: Factoid of the day: capital flight and Target 2 imbalances;
2012-07-22: Report on the Greek Left;
2012-07-23: Africa palm-oil plan pits activists vs NY investors;
2012-07-24: Cuba’s Coming Co-Operative Economy?
2012-07-25: about our Future;
2012-07-26: The Crisis in 1000 words – or less;
2012-07-27: The Politics of Austerity, Occupy and the 2012 US Elections;
2012-07-28: There’s No More to Squeeze: Greeks Live in Dread of Troika Verdict;
2012-07-29: CA CAFR: Parks Dept. found $54 million, $2.3 billion more now found, full $600 billion next?
2012-07-30: The Demise of Union Power in American Politics & the Public Mind;
2012-07-31: Egypt: To strike or not to strike.

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