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  • Western bankers intensify global recession by financial terrorism, 4.51 min, uploaded by MaxKeiserTV, July 26, 2012: Western bankers are using weapons of mass financial destruction as the world is entering into global recession and depression, a financial analyst tells Press TV;  
  • It’s over for the banking cabal, 4.jul.2012, 9.05 min, uploaded by 2012sprint, on July 20, 2012: Watch this video to understand the largest banking corruption scandal in history. These large banks have stolen money from every single human on the planet. Not one person was left out. Not even YOU! Now that it is exposed there is no going back. We will ALL support the “NO MORE BAILOUT” mantra …
  • Financial SCANDAL: Bob Diamond CEO of Barclay, too old for PRISON? 1.27 min, uploaded by MaxKeiserTV, July 2, 2012: In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss ’scandals’ for the big guys, ‘crimes’ for the small fry and they also examine the worst businessman of the century. In the second half of the show Max talks to journalist and blogger, Teri Buhl of, about JP Morgan’s $9 billion problem and the information about fraud that the SEC is currently sitting on;
  • House Session 2011-02-17 LIVE, 61.29 min, uploaded by CSPANHouse2011;
  • Barclays bank fined 290mn pounds over financial scandal: The Real Deal, 07-01-2012, 24.40 min, uploaded by PressTVGlobalNews, on July 2, 2012: Barclays bank was hit with 290 million pounds in fines for a serious widespread role in trying to manipulate interest rates and the cost of borrowing …
  • LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) on en.wikipedia … is the average interest rate estimated by leading banks in London that they would be charged if borrowing from other banks.[1] It is usually abbreviated to Libor ( /ˈlaɪbɔr/) or LIBOR, or more officially to BBA Libor (for British Bankers’ Association Libor) or the trademark bbalibor. It is the primary benchmark, along with the Euribor, for short term interest rates around the world[2][3] … External links;
  • Google News-search for LIBOR;
  • Bank of America, Citi, UBS at Center of Agency Probe into LIBOR Deception, 1.05 min: uploaded by TradeTheTrend;
  • March 17, 2011: The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department have focused an investigation into possible manipulation of the London interbank offered rate, or LIBOR, on three banks, Bank of America Corp. (BAC), Citigroup (C), and UBS (UBS), according to a report in the Wall Street Journal Thursday, citing unnamed sources …;
  • US Marshals expose the biggest scandal in history, 64.40 min,  uploaded by PhaqueOrfTV, on July 20, 2012 and read for your convenience by Natural Reader Software.
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