Alliance of moneyed aristocracy wants to jointly retain its power

particularly Switzerland is in the crosshairs – Published on Current Concerns, by Dr Eike Hamer, publisher of Wirtschaft aktuell, Hannover, July 23, 2012.

To the article of Prof Stahel “The disintegration of the EU and the Russian-German Condominium over the rest of Europe” (see p.1 of this edition) a piece of news should be added which became publicly known a few weeks ago; it informs about the fact that both high finance groups of the European Roth­schilds and American Rockefellers have joined together. 

So the Rothschilds were capable of buying into a central financial vehicle of the Rockefeller families with more than a blocking minority. This was announced by “Der Spiegel” on 30 May under the title: “Alliance of moneyed aristocracy: Rockefeller and Rothschild become allies.”* The fact that the finance groups, being rivals most of the time until now, have at least called a truce shows that the situation is getting too hot for them, their power positions are endangered and they can retain them merely in unison. Both groups are strongly involved in the FED (US central bank) which print the currency for America and is by sizes much higher indebted than the EU. But this merely as an aside.

Deliberately or not the key financial powers of the West have come into conflict with several fronts. On the one hand they try to retain their position of dominion that was challenged by the financial crisis, by getting a hard grip on the self-confident, educated middle class as well as on the social groups which are being impoverished. On the other hand, ambitious Asia is no longer willing to accept the previous claims to power. China, Russia and the emerging economies, forced into opposition as “rogue states”, refuse the dollar empire respectively the domineering system of these forces. By doing so, they bog down the expansion of the “West” (globalisation) … //

… We should never regard those geo-political conflicts in Libya, Syria and Iran without keeping in mind the dominating high finance groups and their interests. Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s collaboration must be reflected more profoundly. It is not yet understood.

For us, the citizens all this means to consistently, determinedly and combatively counter the demolition and erosion of all democratic structures or plans like ESM, regionalization, Metropolitan Rooms etc. There is a great disadvantage on the side of the high finance: They are only few and their agents are afraid of being uncovered. (full text).

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