what – how – with whom? Leading the Collective

Simmelian tie(s) …  is a type of an interpersonal tie, a concept used in the social network analysis.
For a simmelian tie to exist, there must be three (a triad) or more of reciprocal strong ties in a group. A simmelian tie is seen as an even stronger tie than a regular strong tie. A simmelian tie can be seen as a basic element of a clique. … full text on en.wikipedia;
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My comment – just some of my green questions about women in elite’s old boys networks:

  • Could it be that not enough women are accepting old boys networks’ hidden betrayals, meannesses, blackmailings?
  • Could it be not enough women are able to give men the feeling of security needed to continue their normal dirty plays?
  • What if too many women would be in place and they suddenly would disturb these long running mecanics? Is it this what men’s old boys networks are fearing?
  • Is this the reason why almost all women refusing this hidden plays are quickly out of elite’s strata?


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