Nuclear Revival in Europe Increasingly Likely

Published on PINR, November 13, 2007.

Recent news reports from Europe suggest that a nuclear revival in the European Union is increasingly likely. Soaring hydrocarbon prices and lasting uncertainties regarding hydrogen-based solutions are making the combination between civil atomic power and alternative energy a promising prospect for governments in the European Union. (The New Role of Coal in Energy Security) …

… Paris’ role in the re-launch of atomic energy in Europe has been paramount. PINR noted on August 25, 2005 that given Paris’ importance in the European energy market, one could “expect nuclear power to be re-launched on a continental Scale. (French Energy Policy).

The bottom line is that as environmental concerns rise in the European Union, and since European states have made ecology a top priority, the above mentioned dynamics are getting stronger: the more that CO2 emissions and global warming become urgent issues, the more atomic energy will be viewed through a new light. In fact, because China, India, Brazil, and other countries are rapidly emerging as new economic giants in the world, hundreds of millions of people will soon need electricity. As a consequence, great powers will need to decide whether new energy will be provided by hydrocarbons or by other methods, such as nuclear energy.

While the European Union is known to have had difficulties in formulating a unitary energy policy, it is likely that it will soon be called to take a decision on nuclear energy at a continental level. It is also almost certain, in light of recent surveys, that more and more European citizens will be ready to accept a return to nuclear power. (full text).

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