Bankster Fraud Has Driven 100 Million Into Poverty, Killing Many

We Are Witnessing a Financial Holocaust Brought on by the Banksters … Which Is Causing Many Deaths – Published on Washington’s Blog, by Blog owner, August 11, 2012.

Fraud caused the Great Depression and the current financial crisis, and the economy will never recover until fraud is prosecuted.

Fraud is the business model adopted by the giant banks. See this//

… (full text with many links).


Radicals Rising: Right-wing winds blow as crisis hits Germany, 3.25 min, uploaded by RT, July 31, 2012:

For the EURO to live, GERMANY must DIE: Jean-Claude Piris on EURO CRISIS & COLLAPSE, 11.26 min, uploaded by Tsiyonut times;

The Economic Crisis and the Challenges before the Left: Part 1, 24.41 min, Part 2, 17.02 min, uploaded by NewsClickin, July 10, 2012: The left made strong advancements in the recent elections in France and Greece. These results came in the backdrop of a severe economic crisis which show no signs of dying out. Are these opportunities for revolutionary advancements for the left? Prof. Aijaz Ahmad and Prof. Prabhat Patnaik talk about these issues in a discussion chaired by Sudhanva Deshpande;

American ECONOMIC CRISIS: POVERTY at a all time HIGH – the American DREAM is in THREAT, 3.57 min, uploaded by Tsiyonut times, July 26, 2012: … Poverty in the US is projected to spread at record levels unseen since the 1960s, affecting many groups including underemployed workers, suburban families and the poorest of America’s poor.
As unemployment aid dwindles and workers grow increasingly discouraged, poverty is reaching every corner of the US. In 2010, a family of four with a pre-tax income of $22,314 was considered below the poverty line, while an individual with a pre-tax income of $11,139 would have the same status.
The Associated Press surveyed economists, think tanks and nonpartisan academics to estimate the rapidly escalating poverty rate. 2010’s poverty rate of 15.1 per cent would only need to increase by 0.1 per cent to surpass what Americans faced in 1965 — but this year, the poverty level is estimated to grow to 15.7 percent …

EURO ECONOMIC CRISIS or not? Will the end of Eurozone send countries CRASHING or GROWNING, 12.27 min, uploaded by Massreport147, August 7, 2012: RT’s Laura Smith interviews economist Roger Bootle, who won the Wolfson Prize for developing a practical plan to dissolve the Eurozone A Wolfson Economics Prize worth $390,000 has been awarded to a top British economic consultancy for the best plan for dealing with member states leaving the eurozone …

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