Russian Press Blasts Anglo-Saxon Terrorist Controllers

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Published on global, by Webster Griffin Tarpley, October 16, 2007.

… KMNews: CHECHEN TERROR BOSS ON US STATE DEPARTMENT PAYROLL: KMNews writes: In early August, … Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Chechen Republic-Ichkeria Ilyas Akhmadov received political asylum in the USA. And for his outstanding services, Akhmadov received a Reagan-Fascell grant, including a monthly stipend, medical insurance, and a well-equipped office with all necessary support services, including the possibility of meetings with political circles and leading U.S. media …What about our partners in the anti-terrorist coalition, who provided asylum, offices and money to Maskhadov’s representatives? asks the Russian press agency … 

… Some days prior to the onset of the series of acts of terrorism in Russia, which has cost hundreds of lives, a number of extremely influential Western mass-media, expressing establishment positions, issued a personal warning to Vladimir Putin, that Russia should get out of the Caucasus, or else his political career would come to an end. Therefore, when the President on Saturday spoke of a declaration of war having been made against Russia, this was not just a matter of so-called international terrorism… One week prior to the first acts of terrorism, the authoritative British magazine, the Economist, which expresses the positions of Great Britain’s establishment, formulated the Western position concerning the Caucasus, and above all the policy of the Anglo-Saxon elite, in a very precise manner, RBC writes …
… RUSSIA TO PAY FOR OIL WITH EUROS? In a half-page article published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and headlined Realizing the Strategic Partnership, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov predicted key progress in the energy sector. Lavrov said that numerous proposals by Moscow on how to expand cooperation in the sphere of future-shaping high-tech branches of the economy will be put on the agenda of the September 11-12 German-Russian economic summit in Hamburg. Russia calls for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in aerospace, information technology, telecom, biotechnology, development of new materials, laser technology, and nanotechnology. Lavrov wrote that Russia expects a breakthrough at the Hamburg talks – which will also deal with the energy sector (see Frankfurter Allgemeine, September 3, 2004) = Global Research Articles by Webster Griffin Tarpley. (full text).

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