Three Years Oil and You

ESL Basic Facts – Linked with Pentagon backs plan to beam solar power from space.- Published on Dave’s ESL Bio-Fuel, by David DuByne, Feburary 13, 2007.

Let’s Talk about Future Trends, Predictions and Possibilities of Oil

Link: ESL explained (Hubbert Peak Theory).

Oil is a subject filled with big words that even native English speakers don’t understand, so I have designed this ESL class into easy to read simplified English, for anyone on this planet to study from.

Anyone whose English is good enough to say I drive a car, I bought vegetables at the market, I am cooking dinner, I go to the store will understand the main point. Natural gas and oil are now a finite, quantifiable (measurable), limited commodity (product). The following pages will explain that some oil wells in the world are past the half way point in production and each day from now on will give less oil, so many oil fields and wells are declining that new oil being found in our planet is not enough to replace what is being used daily.

I leave the politics out of the subject, presenting only documented facts to allow anyone to see the future. The switch to bio-diesel and ethanol has begun. The first part of this compilation explains why the change is taking place, the last part explains what crops will be used and the way forward for these new industries. If you are interested in the subject of oil, want to see some possible investment opportunities or want to be in the right place at the right time. I present to you a crystal ball, so please look into the near future. Future Trends in Oil. Predictions, Possibilities and You.
This is a compendium, a compilation, a collection of articles, theories and ideas about our worlds oil supply and how the world population (number of people) is effected by the price of crude oil.

Throughout the text I use parenthesis ( ) next to difficult words with an easier to understand definition for English learners. We use oil in every part of our societies, for delivery of goods, to run our factories, and allow business itself to expand (become larger). Without oil and the products made from it, business can not go on, expand or even remain at the same level (stay the same) for longer that three of four days planet wide.

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