again Swiss election schock

Linked with my yesterday’s post Swiss Federal Counselors’ Elections:

I looked for a link to the old controversial sheep picture and found it onTouch of Xenophopia? (30 July 2007);

On the same blog named ‘Expat-Experience’ is the yesterday’s post Playground Games (13 December 2007); which has a link to the blog ‘the Xpat Files’ with this picture Hee hee – political humor;


you find there this updated version of the old picture law & order (Those are the first names of all the Bundesrat members; Christoph is Christoph Blocher);

A good conclusion about this election event you may find on of 14 december 2007, specially in their photo gallery.


Swiss People’s Party;


Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf;

Swiss MPs reject far-right leader;

Swiss consensus government falls as rightists quit;

CV in german.

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