Iraq: Outsourcing The War

Published on, by Chris Gelken, 21 December, 2007.

This week a U.S. human rights group filed its second lawsuit against security contractor Blackwater on charges of war crimes, assault and wrongful death. The company, at the center of the infamous Nisoor Square shooting in Baghdad that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead, is further accused of killing an Iraqi salesman on September 9th 2007.

Meanwhile, a U.S. Congressional committee was hearing testimony from a female former employee of U.S. contractor Halliburton. The young woman told the hearing she was drugged and then gang-raped by American workers in her accommodation in the high-security Green Zone in Baghdad in July 2005.

Two-and-a-half years later, the Justice Department has failed to complete its investigation, and a department official who was scheduled to give evidence at the hearing failed to show up.

In an interview with PressTV, Kevin Zeese, the director of Democracy Rising, hit out at the corporatization of war, Iraq’s lack of true sovereignty, and accused the Democrats of lip-service in their efforts to end the Iraqi conflict.

PressTV: Just how out of control is the contractor situation getting in Iraq? … (full interview text).

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