The Rejection Front Wins

Published on, from Beirut , December 24, 2007.

It is no more a complicated issue to know the two parties of conflict in the Middle East. On the one hand, there is a project of American dominance which aims at making the region a farm for the capitals covered by tears and blood of the peoples of the Middle East. On the other, there is a project of opposing, facing and rejecting front that springs out of the will of free life by the peoples of the region. Despite everything that can be said about the new system that holds consequences which make it difficult for the peoples of the region, yet the mutual values that the system holds have flexibility that can be developed to become a new version of a New Middle East signed by all the peoples of the region, especially that the current events on the ground assert today that the American project has reached a deadlock.

A clear evidence of that is the deadlock of electing a Lebanese President, add to that that the front of opposition and steadfastness has started to win important rounds in the struggle, and a most prominent example of it is the Iranian nuclear file. The group of 5+1 has failed once again in reaching a decision to impose new sanctions on Iran. For its part, Iran will announce on Sunday a new bid for building 19 energy stations with a total capacity of 1000 megawatt for each with the aim of generating nuclear electricity …

Saudi Arabia Establishes a Sovereign Fund of $900 bn.
The Jordanian Telecommunications Group Renews its Agreement with Microsoft Company.
Qatar National Bank Opens a Branch in Amman This Month.
Iran Holds Talks for Selling Gas to the Italian Epson Company.
Cooperation Between Dubai for Mass Media and the Syrian General Corporation of Radio and TV.

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