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Hoffung für die Zukunft

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… mit Andreas Popp, von MrSillyline am 24. October 2013 hochgeladen:

1/4, 15.00 min: Andreas Popp definiert in diesem Video 4 Vermögen, die sich im Zeitraum von 1991 – 2010 folgendermassen verändert haben:

  • 1. die Privatvermögen / dazukommende Sparvermögen = zirka 1 Billion Euro Vermögens-Zuwachs in Deutschland;
  • 2. produzierende Unternehmen: deren Vermögen = 400 – 450 Milliarden Schulden, sowie 170 Milliarden Vermögen;
  • 3. Banken- und Finanzen = Kapital-Sammelbecken – mit im schlechtesten Jahr 2009, nach der Leemann Pleite 5,1% negativ Wachstum  = 30 Mia plus;
  • 4. Staats (im Sinne von Volk) – Vermögen = 2 Billionen Verschuldung.   Continue Reading…

SPD Parteitag November 2013

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von Phoenix hochgeladen – bis jetzt am 15. November veröffentlicht:

vom 14. November:   Continue Reading…

WhistleBlower Head of FBI …

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… tells all from NWO, 63.34 min, uploaded by gkossatzgmxde, May 8, 2013: That’s the situation inside the dark empire today.

(My comment – I understand why these stories are NOT easy revealed: we just not want them true … it’s too much. Look, we can only accept them as true if we feel able to manage our revolt … otherwise we have to reject them, for our own psychic savety – Heidi).

See also:

The Million Mask March

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Are the Roma Primitive, or Just Poor?

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Publishedon The New York Times/Sunday Review, by Dan Bilefsky, Oct 19, 2013.

PARIS — THE cluster of Roma, handcuffed and caged-in behind glass walls, listened in silence as prosecutors accused them in court of selling child brides for up to about $270,000 in cash, valuing them based on their ability to steal. In a case that has riveted France, the prosecutors accused three family clans from Croatia of grooming girls and boys as young as 11 to steal as part of a gang that committed 100 robberies in France, Belgium and Germany in 2011.   Continue Reading…

The Business of America Is War

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Disaster Capitalism on the Battlefield and in the Boardroom – Published on ZNet (first on TomDispatch), by William J. Astore, October 21, 2013.

There is a new normal in America: our government may shut down, but our wars continue. Congress may not be able to pass a budget, but the U.S. military can still launch commando raids in Libya and Somalia, the Afghan War can still be prosecuted, Italy can be garrisoned by American troops (putting the “empire” back in Rome), Africa can be used as an imperial playground (as in the late nineteenth century “scramble for Africa,” but with the U.S. and China doing the scrambling this time around), and the military-industrial complex can still dominate the world’s arms trade.   Continue Reading…

Paul Craigh Roberts

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US: More than 10 million legal files snared in Megaupload shutdown

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Published on Russia Today RT, Oct 19, 2013.

When US law enforcement officials shut down the online storage locker Megaupload they also scrubbed nearly 11 million perfectly legal files that were saved on the site, according to a new study conducted by Northeastern University in Boston.

Before it was taken offline, Megaupload – with founder Kim Dotcom at the helm – attracted tens of millions of visitors each day. Users flocked to the site because it provided a venue for file hosting, although Megaupload quickly gained notoriety for the number of music and movie files freely available there without the consent of the copyright owner … // Continue Reading…

The Unluckiest People on Earth: Syrians refugees thought Egypt would be safe. They were wrong

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Published on New Republic, Canada, by Laura Dean, Oct 6, 2013:

Long before the start of the Arab Spring, Syrians in the southern town of Saqba had close ties with Egyptians in Damietta. For generations, the two towns were their countries’ capitals of furniture making, and businessmen and artisans moved back and forth between them. When Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s regime began driving citizens from their homes, many residents of Saqba found Damietta a logical destination. Some had existing relationships with Egyptians there, and Egypt overall was welcoming toward Syrian refugees.   Continue Reading…

Links on my Dashboard

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in english:

The enemy within: Right-wing thuggery paralyzes the empire

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Published on Intrepid Report, by Larry Chin, October 11, 2013.

If the power of the war machine and corporations are measures of success in the eyes of global elites, then the Barack Obama presidency has been a perfect Republican administration, and a seamless extension of the Bush/Cheney era. This fact renders the present moment all the more surreal.   Continue Reading…

Aggressive and insidious: More details of Canada spying techniques to follow

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… Greenwald promises – Published on Russia Today RT, Oct 8, 2013.

Canada is in the spotlight of an ongoing spying scandal as Glenn Greenwald has promised to disclose more details of the espionage of the Five Eyes global intelligence alliance that has already sparked unprecedented fury in Brazil.

American journalist Glenn Greenwald has promised to leak more secret cables he obtained from Edward Snowden in a series of interviews conducted on Monday.    Continue Reading…

The Bank are gearing up for the Collapse

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Watch this video with Dave Hodges, 44.19 min, uploaded by SGTbull07, Sept 29, 2013:  Dave Hodges is a College Professor, Journalist and Truth Teller from
We discuss the multiple possible false flag scenarios and near-term government exercises taking shape, including the Grid Ex exercise which will simulate the implosion of the US electrical grid. “The DHS and FEMA have at least 8 drills planned between now and November,” Dave says.,”I don’t think we’re going to wait long to see some dramatic shifts in our country.”
Dave also predicts a banking collapse is around the corner, “There IS a collapse that is coming. The banks have been preparing for it for over a year now. Go back to last year when the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that when you deposit your money in a bank, that money belongs TO the bank, and they may do with it what they will.” This isn’t fear mongering, this is reality.

BBC Newsnight: Interview with Glenn Greenwald on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and Spying

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Watch this video, 14.09 min, re-published on ZNet, by Glenn Greenwald, October 04, 2013.


(see also: Welcome to our new blog: politics for the 99%).

British extremists use Syria as training ground before returning home

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Published on Russia Today RT, Oct 6, 2013.

British Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that extremists “of a Jihadi mindset” are using the Syrian civil war “as a nursery” before returning to Britain as trained terrorists.

“What we have seen for some time now, is that a number of British people traveling out to Somalia, we’re now seeing people travel out to Syria,” May said on BBC 1’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. Continue Reading…

The Barefoot Mayor: Local Hero Takes on Sicilian Corruption, Part 1

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Fiona Ehlers, October 04, 2013 (Photo Gallery).

The new mayor of Messina is a man of the people. The tireless nonpartisan is known to go barefoot through the city. And in the land of Berlusconi, he is fighting against corruption, organized crime and widespread disenchantment with politics … //

… A New Kind of Politician:   Continue Reading…

Louisiana veterans group building facility to help homeless vets, families

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Published on Examiner, October 1, 2013;

“Honoring those who served” is the motto of a new facility for homeless veterans being put together by a veterans group in the Monroe, Louisiana area. On Monday, Al Sanders, president of the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association, told in an exclusive interview he hopes the facility, named the Fort Hero Veterans Barracks, (on facebook) will be complete and ready to serve area veterans in about six to eight months.  Continue Reading…

Greenwald: The objective of the NSA is literally the elimination of global privacy

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Published on Russia Today RT, October 1, 2013.

Glenn Greenwald of the UK’s Guardian answered questions about the ongoing NSA leaks and his source, the now notorious former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, during an online question-and-answer session held Tuesday on the website Reddit.

Greenwald is among the pool of writers who have analyzed and reported on leaks attributed to Snowden since unauthorized disclosures first surfaced in June of this year detailing the otherwise largely unknown operations of the US intelligence community.   Continue Reading…

Ausländerfeindlichkeit: Wahnsinn and deutschen Schulen

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Religious encounters

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Conflict over religious freedoms plagues the preliminary drafts of Egypt’s new constitution – Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Gamal Essam El-Din, Sept 25, 2013.

The 50-member committee tasked with writing Egypt’s new constitution held its second plenary meeting yesterday to review progress during its second week on the job.

The committee’s media spokesperson Mohamed Salmawy said on Tuesday that half of the new constitution’s articles had been drafted by the sub-committees. He warned, however, that the articles worked on so far were the least controversial and that the second half will take more time.  Continue Reading…

Golden Dawn: Can the Elite Kill the Monster it Created?

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It seems that the Greek elite has decided to get rid of the neo-Nazi party following Pavlos’ killing. But can Pandora ever put the evil back in her box?  – Published on ZNet, by Leonidas Oikonomakis, September 26, 2013.

Pavlos’ assassination was the last drop for Greek society. And it seems it has set in motion mechanisms that will lead to the criminalization of Golden Dawn, and maybe even to its dissolution. A few days after the murder, and with Greek society still in shock and taking to the streets massively to demand justice and the end of Golden Dawn, both the Greek media and the government seem to have started taking the issue seriously, removing their previous direct or indirect support for the neo-Nazi party.   Continue Reading…

GV attac Schweiz / AS attac Suisse

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Ort/Lieu: Lausanne, Maison du Peuple, Place Chauderon 5, grande salle Jean-Villars Gilles
Zeit/Date: Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013, 17 Uhr 30

(attac Schweiz, attac Suisse, attac Svizzera, attac International)

Traktanden:   Continue Reading…

Project Camelot

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on en.wikipedia: Project Camelot was a social science research project of the United States Army that started in 1964 and was cancelled after congressional hearings in 1965.[1] The goal of the project was to assess the causes of conflict between national groups, to anticipate social breakdown and provide eventual solutions. The proposal caused much controversy among social scientists, many of whom voiced concerns that such a study was in conflict with their professional ethics[2] …;   Continue Reading…

Black America more pro-war than ever

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Published on Global, by Glen Ford, Sept 19, 2013. 8

During President Obama’s run-up to war with Syria, “African Americans were, for the first time in polling history, the most bellicose major ethnicity in the United States.” How could such a political role-reversal come to pass? “The progressive, peace-seeking African American worldview is out of sync with the deep imperative to support the First Black President.”   Continue Reading…

Another lone gun man goes on a rampage

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… this time at the Washington Navy Yard – Published on Intrepid Report, by Jerry Mazza, Sept 19, 2013.

Aaron Alexis, 34, a civilian contractor from Fort Worth, Texas, was identified by officials as the shooter who was killed in a gun battle with police responding to Monday morning’s attack at the Washington Navy Yard that left 12 employees dead.

Alexis’ father claimed that his son was a first responder on September 11, 2001. He did not mention in what capacity. But he said his son suffered dark moods from PTSD, and his otherwise friendly nature could turn violent. The discharge for misconduct may have triggered this incident.   Continue Reading…

Gregor Gysi am 31.08.2013 in Gera

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Am Friedensfest der Thüringer LINKEN, 75.18 min, von Die Linke Gera am 3. September 2013 hochgeladen.

SWIFT Suspension? EU Parliament Furious about NSA Bank Spying

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Gregor-Peter Schmitz in Brussels, Sept 18, 2013.

Revelations the US is spying on international bank transfers has angered European parliamentarians. Some are calling for the suspension of the SWIFT deal between the EU and US. “Washington must make clear where it stands,” says one … //

… The Clear Standard:   Continue Reading…

stupid … I cannot let these questions

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(already on HBB blog, December 9, 2011): written by Heidi, the owner of these blogs:

Banks receive some people’s savings and pay them a very small interest. Then banks lend this money to clients and ask some more interest. Till here I understand, as the banks have to pay employees (the amount is another question). But the bank also lends only 10% (or less) of the savers money, the rest, 90% or more will be virtual money – means created out of nothing, means: THE BANK DOES NOT POSSESS THIS 90%.


Leschs Kosmos

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122: Physik in der Krise, 15.22 min, von basalEDU am 26. Mai 2013 hochgeladen: In der Physik scheinen die großen Fragen beantwortet: Spätestens seit der Entdeckung des Higgs-Teilchens (Higgs Boson), das die letzte Lücke in der Theorie vom Aufbau der Materie schloss, ist die Luft raus;

(see also: Welcome to our new blog: politics for the 99%).

American Veterans

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Discarded and Forgotten – NYC Premiere Testimonials, 8.09 min, uploaded by Gary Null, March 29, 2012: Award-winning filmmaker, Gary Null PhD exposes the American government’s legacy of abuse and neglect of its soldiers and veterans. Dr. Null explores the truth about Gulf War Syndrome – a horrific condition affecting thousands of soldiers and their families and the disturbing secrets that the government is hiding from the public …;

american veterans discarded and forgotten full, on YouTube-search: short videos; videos longer than 20 minutes.   Continue Reading…

What the March on Washington’s means for the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

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Posted on NAACP, by Anisha Ahuja, August 30, 2013.

For some, being South Asian American and an advocate for racial social and economic justice is puzzling. I have to remind my co-laborers in the struggle that “…yes, Asian Americans face social, political, and economic challenges too.”   Continue Reading…

Chemical Watershed: Momentum Shifts again in Syrian Civil War, Part 1

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Christoph Reuter and Holger Stark, September 02, 2013 (Photo Gallery).

The US has stepped back from an immediate response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria on Aug. 21. But Washington continues to profess certainty that Syrian autocrat Bashar Assad is behind the attack. The situation on the ground provides clues as well … //

… The Red Line:  Continue Reading…

How to win friends and influence the new economy

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Published on openDemocracy, by SARAH BYRNES, August 26, 2013, 2013.

Loneliness is as strong as smoking or alcohol abuse as an indicator of premature mortality. When Lisa Cook found she had no one to help her put her cat down, she decided to act. She joined a resilience circle: a friendship group that works on new economic principles.

No one likes to admit that they are lonely. It’s too embarrassing. When Lisa Cook’s cat had to be put to sleep, she went to the vet alone. “I couldn’t think of a single person to ask to go with me,” she remembers. “It was devastating.”   Continue Reading…

Flats over Shelters: Asylum Seekers Embrace Alternative Housing

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Maximilian Popp and Sven Röbel, August 30, 2013 (Photo Gallery – Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan – Welcome to our new blog: politics for the 99%).

New shelters for asylum seekers in Germany often face protests from local residents or from right-wing groups. But an alternative housing model that gives families their own flats has proven effective in Leverkusen.     Continue Reading…

UK: The paradox of coalition

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Published on HopiSen, by blog owner, August 25, 2013 (see also our new blog: politics for the 99%).

Want to know what the silliest thing in modern politics is?

Preparing for coalition by identifying what you’d be prepared to give up to get into government after not winning a General Election, when by giving up much less than that before the election you’d significantly increase your chances of winning power.   Continue Reading…

Swan Lake, like you’ve never seen before

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a link from nzwide, received by a friend:

Great Chinese State Circus: Swan Lake, 4.29 min,  uploaded by alyaz, June 13, 2008.

What Gives the U.S. the Right to Bomb Syria?

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Published on The Progressive, by Joshua Brollier, August 28, 2013 (see also our new blog: politics for the 99%).

To those who think the United States should intervene in Syria, remember this is the same United States that:

  • - is still deeply involved in two failed wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan that have lasted for over a decade without coming to a conclusion;
  • - is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not over a million Iraqis and Afghans through aerial bombardments, night raids, artillery shelling, ground missions and genocidal sanctions;    Continue Reading…

Secularists to dominate Egypt’s final constitution-drafting process

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Published on english Ahram online, by Gamal Essam El-Din, August 26, 2013 ( see also our new blog: politics for the 99%).

The first stage of Egypt’s post-30 June political roadmap was completed on Monday. A ten-member technical committee entrusted with amending the 2012 Islamist-backed constitution passed its draft to interim President Adly Mansour.

The committee was formed in accordance with Article 28 of the constitutional declaration issued by Mansour on 8 July, after Islamist president Mohamed Morsi was ousted from office on 3 July. Continue Reading…

Google And The NSA: Who’s Holding The ‘Shit-Bag’ Now?

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Published on ZNet (first on The Stringer), by Julian Assange, August 25, 2013 ( see also our new blog: politics for the 99%).

It has been revealed today, thanks to Edward Snowden, that Google and other US tech companies received millions of dollars from the NSA for their compliance with the PRISM mass surveillance system … //

… Two months after my meeting with Eric Schmidt, WikiLeaks had a legal reason to call Hilary Clinton and to document that we were calling her. It’s interesting that if you call the front desk of the State Department and ask for Hillary Clinton, you can actually get pretty close, and we’ve become quite good at this. Continue Reading…