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ICGS Geneva

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Founded in June 2001, the International Centre for Geopolitical Studies (I.C.G.S.) aims at studying and analysing the geopolitical problems of the world system in order to better understand the evolution of contemporary international relations.

The next training cours will be held 11 to 12 November 2005 in Geneva.

An International Symposium on ‘Geopolitics of Information’ will be held 25 November 2005, International Centre for Conferences Geneva.

Target group of participants: Persons working for International Organisations and Government Agencies, Diplomats, University Students, Company Managers, members of the Civil Society & NGOs, any other interested individual.

E.U. Plans for Alternative Energy

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Oktobre 13, in the Power and Interest News Report PINR, an US think-thank, you’ll find a commentary about EUs plan for alternative energy: creation of a broad platform designed to find the quickest way to a European hydrogen-based economy, thus ending the E.U. countries’ dependence on fossil energy.

See also PINR August 25 about the French Energy Policy.

Dissent to actual US-politics

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If you are interested in (US) political dissent opinions, there is a blog named Politics of Dissent, with an impressing amount of relevant links in his right column. Just have a look, if you find your choice.

Same about what should be our real WAR-fight: poverty. And their latest research.

There is also an article about abortion-law in the US.

All these information a found it in the latest newsletter of ZNet.