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(look for continuation – mainly in german and for musics – on Humanitarian Texts … and for english texts on Politics for the 99%).

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photo from a dive in Thailand

Out of Yves’ dreams: feel how far we could go, if …

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… if we could believe being able enough to do it – Labor Day, on May 1st, to become End-of-Labor Day, a Paradist Day, by Yves, May 1, 2014.

Paradist movements will celebrate, for the third year on May 1st, the new political concept called Paradism, as a genuine solution to the global discontent with austerity and financial slavery imposed by banks and governments. Present technology allows building a true paradise on earth – Paradism – where all jobs are done by machines, while people are free from forced labor and enjoying abundance, in a leisure society without money.  The problem is not a lack of goods for everyone, because robots, nano-robots and automatic production can be made abundant. The problem is that we do not distribute the goods to everyone.  Continue Reading…